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The PT-500 Bail-R-Matic fits boats with a threaded insert. 

The Bail-R-Matic drains your boat when you reach full throttle and when you lift your boat out of the water by lift or trailer. The Bail-R-Matic will also drain rain water that can cause stress on your lift and trailers. 

This plug is easy to install and eliminates the need to remove drain plug on dry land.

Keep inside of boat clean at all times so the float in the plug can move freely. 

Avoid those pesky aquatic hitch hikers and the fines that may come with it. The Bail-R-Matic complies with invasive species regulations in Minnesota and South Dakota. Current laws require that your boat plug must be removed when leaving lakes and the drain must remain open until you are ready to launch your boat. This Digger Anchor Bail-R-Matic alleviates that worry with it's automatic draining feature. 


The Bail-R-Matic replaces your existing boat drain plug. The patent pending design seals when in the water and drains automatically when exiting the boat landing. The Bail-R-Matic from Digger Anchor Company meets all requirements established by the Minnesota DNR and does not need to be removed. 

Bail-R-Matic : PT-500

SKU: PT-500
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