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Digger Anchor Quick Clamp

Digger Quick Clamp for mounting the Digger Auger Carrier and Digger All Season Carrier on Polaris Ranger UTVs




1) Place the Auger Carrier or All Season Carrier on the bed rails of your Polaris Ranger lining up the holes of the carrier base to the matching holes on the rails of the Ranger’s bed rails.

2) After determining what holes you are going to utilize take the carrier down and  drill the holes out using a 3/8” drill bit.

3) Insert the 3/8” threaded bolt through the drilled holes and loosely tighten the wing nut.

4) Place the carrier and the pair of Quick Clamps down the holes on the Polaris’s bed rail and tighten wing nuts down.

Quick Clamp

SKU: D-81
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