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Digger Anchor Wrench-N-Ride

1) Insert the rubber side of the Wrench-N-Ride expansion plugs into the holes in the deck of your ATV rack.

2) Tighten the nut on the topside of the L-Bracket until the rubber expands inside the hole of the rack.

3) After both L-Brackets are firmly secured on the composite rack place the Auger Carrier against the uprights of the L-Brackets.

4) Once placed against the uprights of the L-Brackets, mark the holes onto the carrier to be drilled.

5) Remove the Auger Carrier and drill the marked holes with a 1/4” drill bit.

6) After drilling the two holes, place the Auger Carrier against the upright angles and bolt both together with supplied bolts and lock nuts.


SKU: D-90
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