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Digger All-Season Carrier

Do you walk miles to your deer stand, carry your ice auger across the lake in freezing temps, or lug your chainsaw to the back part of the forest? Not anymore! The Universal All-Season Carrier can carry all of that and more! Not only does it have the capability to haul the items shown it also handles shovels, rakes, fishing poles, lumber, and more. 

This Universal All Season Carrier sports a “Snap-n-Go” shaft clamp, tough rubber bindings, a
nd brackets. The carrier's overall dimension is 24” wide and 13” tall and is constructed of 2” high-strength aluminum tubing. 

Fit will depend on the size and brand of tool you are carrying. Fits many ATV’s, UTV’s, and snowmobiles. The bottom ATV rack shown in the photo is not included.


Digger Ice Auger Carrier

Ice auger carrier for four-wheeler UTV and snowmobile.  Made from high-strength alloy aluminum - super durable and lightweight Scratch resistant mounts. Adjustable over-center shaft clamp to securely hold any brand of an auger.

Digger Ice Angels : 2 Pack

Digger Ice Angel

The Digger Ice Angel is a totally unique self-adjusting tool designed to fit any ice fishing hole from 6 to 10 inches. This portable fish house anchor is lightweight but strong enough to hold an ice shack, pop-up tent, or shanty.  

Simply drill a partially drilled hole (keeping it dry). Drop the Ice Angel into the hole and create tension on your rope, cord, bungy, or line. The ridged wings with grab the sides of the hole tightly and not let go until the slack is given.

The purpose is to allow any ice shack or structure security in the wind.

The Ice Angel anchor is very easy to use and remove.  For faster and easier than screw-in ice tent pegs by far, and more secure - and we guarantee it!


Digger Front Hitch

The Digger Front Tow Hitch can be easily installed on all brands of ice sleds. Whether your sled comes with
pre-molded hitch points or if it is a flat front design. Fabricated from high-strength alloy aluminum. Lightweight yet very durable. The Pivot coupler allows for the transfer of motion in all types of terrain. Hardware is supplied and comes with quick-release pins for ease of removal and storage.


​Digger Rear Hitch

The Digger Rear Hitch is no doubt the most versatile rear hitch on the market today. It can be easily mounted to the lift bar on the rear of your snowmobile or the rear of your ice sled when you need to tow that extra sled for all your gear. All mounting hardware is supplied.

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​Digger Quick Clamp

Digger Quick Clamp for mounting the Digger Auger Carrier and Digger All Season Carrier on Polaris Ranger UTVs



 1) Place the Auger Carrier or All Season Carrier on the bed rails of your Polaris Ranger lining up the holes of the carrier base to the matching holes on the rails of the Ranger’s bed rails.

2) After determining what holes you are going to utilize take the carrier down and drill the holes out using a 3/8” drill bit.

3) Insert the 3/8” threaded bolt through the drilled holes and loosely tighten the wing nut.

4) Place the carrier and the pair of Quick Clamps down the holes on the Polaris’s bed rail and tighten the wing nuts down.


Digger Wrench-N-Ride

1) Insert the rubber side of the Wrench-N-Ride expansion plugs into the holes in the deck of your ATV rack.

2) Tighten the nut on the topside of the L-Bracket until the rubber expands inside the hole of the rack.

3) After both L-Brackets are firmly secured on the composite rack place the Auger Carrier against the uprights of the L-Brackets.

4) Once placed against the uprights of the L-Brackets, mark the holes onto the carrier to be drilled.

5) Remove the Auger Carrier and drill the marked holes with a 1/4” drill bit.

6) After drilling the two holes, place the Auger Carrier against the upright angles and bolt both together with supplied bolts and lock nuts.

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